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Not heal diseases, homeopathic treatment.

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Homeopathic Medicine

Not really heal diseases, homeopathic treatment. There isn’t any scientific basis for this remedy, public health clinics and healthcare stopped by announcing Britain’s Nationwide Health Service.

This will reduce the starting point for the time being, some areas in the north of England.

Free treatment of the British citizens who are sick of the government agency, the National Health Service. Great Britain’s three countries, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales are also in this organization. However, each working independently.

They have been assured, alternative medicine, but modern medicine to promote the treatment of any disease is actually not heal. British doctors questioned the idea of homeopathic treatment. According to them, the thought of homeopathic treatment, the disease can be cured if a patient’s symptoms intensified. For example, if someone cold water into his nose and eyes. If said  him to put the onion juice  at the bottom of the eye, will increase its water fall. He will relieve cold water.

Besides, the theory of homeopathy treatment is another major question they had raised. According to British doctors, according to the theory of homeopathy medicines to be mixed with the water, the more it increases its efficacy. Doctors study found no presence of the drugs is a mixture of water and mix to merge eventually. What if he could heal diseases?

According to the British National Health Service, homeopathic medicine could heal diseases-diseases whim, but if it is indeed healing power of homeopathy, there is someone sick. Many drugs increased mental stress. The glands become active in the body can heal the disease. But he does not say what drugs the disease healed.


  After forty woman’s body must be examined something urgently.

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After forty different diseases to attack the woman’s body. At the time, some of the test is very important.

1. Thyroid activities
Many women suffer from thyroid problems are. Hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism are many, many others. Hands and feet and joint pain, leg swelling, and symptoms of thyroid problems.

2.  Pyapa smear
Many people skip this test. The risk of cervical cancer did not have to understand it is to this test. Since 30 years should be tested. And of course, after 40 years, this will be only two to three years.

3.  Heart
Age increases the risk of heart disease is increased. So after forty did not have a good heart, it will make regular checkup.

4.  Diabetes
After 40 years, many women are suffering from diabetes. Type-II diabetes in particular. I did not have diabetes, this should be tested.

5.  Blood pressure
After menopause increases the risk of high blood pressure. Before menopause need to keep your blood pressure under control. So you need to check blood pressure since the forties.

6.  Bone density
Age increased bone density decreases. So after the 40-year-old bone density test is necessary. The osteoporosis can be prevented.

7. Mammography
Breast cancer is a complex disease of the body of women. To understand the risk of breast cancer can mammogram.

8.  Vitamin D
Vitamin D deficiency is bone loss, increases the risk of osteoporosis. More than 40 years later, the woman’s vitamin D is needed. Therefore, vitamin D should be tested.

9. Eyes
Problems began to eye with age. Eye cataract, eye dryness, the problem may be low at the time of viewing. So after forty eye examination is important.

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