Seven ways to reduce cholesterol

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Unhealthy eating habits eat more fat and sugar can enhance the body’s bad cholesterol levels. Cholesterol increase the risk of heart disease is increased. Health Department website has published seven ways to lower cholesterol.

1. Avoid Trans fats

A natural way to reduce cholesterol is to avoid trans fat-rich foods, such as burgers, pizza, chips etc. Tran’s fats increase bad cholesterol and are the main reason.

II. Eat chicken

Red meat, such as cows, with the exception of diet chicken or mutton, etc. Keeps Lin balancing?

3. Eat Oats

Another way to reduce cholesterol Oats eat in the morning. Oats include fiber. It works to reduce cholesterol.

4. Exercise

At least 15 minutes of exercise every day. Push-ups, leg liphatas, hip rotation, etc. can make.

5. Eat fruits

Eat fruits to reduce cholesterol. As a result, most of the antioxidant and fiber. Reduces bad cholesterol from the body.

6. Cinnamon coffee

According to the study, adding cinnamon coffee lowers cholesterol. So, you can also taste.

7. Fish Eat

those suffering from cholesterol problems, the fish is very beneficial for them. Keep the fish in the diet.

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