That is why a headache


Who does not take lightly Headache

Headache, hamper the normal life.

Because headaches are usually shared, time, intensity-dependent upon them. Sometimes the body is revealed as a complex headache symptoms. So there is nothing to take lightly.

Most of the headaches due to the habits of modern life today. Diabetic, Cardiovascular disease, such as physical pain is a major problem in the current period. Boldsky website has published a report on the headache.

Do you know whose blood pressure is low, they may have headaches? The problem may be caused by oxygen does not reach the head.

Smoking is a major cause of headache. If the chemicals in cigarettes, they can create headaches.

Lack of water in the body may cause headaches. Diarrhea, alcohol, caffeine can cause headaches, etc. in the loss.

Another cause of depression headache. Sometimes a head injury, skull, neck headache is hit. Eye problems, body style problem sitting nerves can cause problems. It is a headache.

It may cause headaches, anxiety, migraine, sinus reasons. Besides, a lot of bad cholesterol in the body is a headache for. A lot of gas in the stomach or digestive problems, but the headache is.

Many headache pain reliever medicines Khan. If the headache is long-term, but a doctor’s advice is very important.



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