What holds back your metabolism. 10 bad habits

Some habits decrease consumption of energy and cause our bodies to store energy as opposed to wasting it. Soon learned that can slow straight down your metabolism.

1. Irregular eating

The particular Hebrew University examine of 2012 states the mice that have been fed fatty foods not around the clock, gained more importance than rodents, that same diet, yet eat regularly. The researchers recommended that daily observance diet teaches our bodies to spend a lot more calories between dishes.

How to fix: do not save, and find out where to look for natural food without pesticides.

2. Savings on fruit and vegetables

Based on research by Canadian scientists organochlorines pesticides can hinder the body to expend energy and drop excess fat. Researchers found that study participants who consumed the biggest dose of toxins, experienced a significant slowdown in metabolism and their rate of weight reduction decreased.

How to fix: do not save, and find out where to look for natural food without pesticides.

3. Lack of sleep

Based on a study of 2012 people move sleepy the following day, less active, and therefore invest less calories. But that’s not really the bad news: the German and Swedish scientists found that sleep disorders greatly reduces the amount of one’s that the body spends whilst relaxing.

How to fix: find out all about the sweetest dream .

4. Iron deficiency

In the course of menstruation the body loses plenty of iron, but because it helps carry oxygen for the muscle cells. “If the level of this trace element by the body processes becomes too low, muscles will no longer receive enough oxygen, leading to be able to wasting and metabolic disorders, ” – here is the opinion Tammy Lakatos Shames, author of some articles entitled “Accelerate metabolism: 9 proven ways to reduce excess fat and maintain long lasting ideal weight. “.

How to fix: stock up on iron-rich cereals, beans, greens (spinach, Chinese cabbage, broccoli).

5. Sedentary lifestyle

Just 20 minutes inside the same position include inhibition regarding metabolism” – says Carrie Schmitz, research manager on the company Ergotron ergonomics.

Try to increase locomotor activity while sitting in the office. Helps training on the job in 5 minutes .

6. Too low calorie diet

Eating suprisingly low calorie diet, you make our bodies “to switch to economy function, ” slow down the metabolic rate and preserve what little energy which you let him receive it.

How to fix: find out why counting calories – it is an outdated method and how to do without it.

7. Frequent flights

Ones internal clock is controlled by that section of the cell, which is responsible intended for metabolism. Breaking their circadian rhythms when crossing time zones, people break and work cells, which is afflicted with the metabolic rate: it suggests the learning of epigenetics center and metabolic processes for the University of California at Irvine.

How to fix: Follow these tips from the article ” Flight: it does not harm the body .”

8. Lack of calcium

The following is another reason to drink additional milk: calcium plays a key role inside mechanism of fat burning, which determines whether or not the calories or delay resulting from food to shell out it on the sides – concluding made by researchers at the Institute of Nutrition in the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

How to fix: lean on foods rich in calcium.

9. Lack of water

All processes inside you at the cellular level, which include metabolism, depend on water. Dehydration body burns 2% a lesser number of calories – this says a survey conducted by the State involving Utah University.

How to fix: Drink more water .

10. Skipping breakfast

Not wanting to eat breakfast, you do not just cause our bodies to starve, and then greatly to overeat at lunch, but in addition to send him a sign: “It is necessary to retailer energy for future use, ” And which means the calories it will be extremely reluctant to pay. This is what says the analysis “American Journal of Epidemiology”: those who skip breakfast, 4. 5 instances more predisposed to weight acquire.

How to fix: Just start from tomorrow to prepare yourself in the morning at least something. Especially since we have plenty of ideas of healthy breakfast .

Thanks all.




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